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  InDesign                                                               99%
  Illustrator                                                           95%
  Photoshop                                                85%
  HTML/CSS                                                   87%



 about me

My name is Loreanna Lastoria and I am a Montreal-based graphic designer. For the past 7 years, I am been consistently studying and refining my skill as an innovative graphic designer with a strong political interest.

I am currently completing my Computational Arts degree at Concordia University in addition to my technical degree in Graphic design which I have acquired at Vanier College. During the course of my education, I have created many different variations of print documents such as brochures, posters, reports, and business cards. I am also very familiar with the fundamentals of web design and programming. In addition to my creative skills, I have also taken numerous courses in business and marketing where I have learned about business communication and advertising. All these years studying and specializing in this trade has allowed me to fully unleash my creativity and improve my critical thinking.

Design is more than making things look pretty. It’s about challenging the norm and understanding what makes things functional. I am always seeking new and challenging opportunities. I am passionate about design and I love being able to bring my creative ideas to life and experiment with new trends. Design gives people a stronger voice to be able to address important political and global issues. Therefore, I believe that design enables innovation, my work is evidence of that. I am an ambitious person, the hard work and effort in my creations is very prominent. Overall, my goal is to always keep learning and expanding my knowledge to create amazing, inspiring content.